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Recent New Products
The L 586 XPower is part of Liebherr’s new series of wheel loaders.
The R 966 Litronic crawler excavator is said to deliver exceptional productivity in earthmoving and quarrying applications.
Liebherr will be showing off one of its new XPower series of wheel loaders at Hillhead 2016.
Liebherr Australia has launched what is said to be the world’s first hydrostatically powered crawler tractor in the 70-tonne category.
Liebherr’s new XPower series of wheel loaders is set to hit the Australian market mid-2016.
Liebherr-Australia Pty. Ltd. was first incorporated as a company in 1981 and shortly after this time the new head office complex in Adelaide (South Australia) was built. Since then the company has expanded considerably with offices throughout the country. Today Liebherr-Australia Pty. Ltd. sells and supports a range of Liebherr products in Australia and New Zealand including mobile and crawler cranes, offshore cranes, deep foundation machines as well as earthmoving and mining equipment.

In addition to the sales and services offered, the Adelaide, Perth, Mackay and Mt Thorley sites are home to bucket manufacturing and bucket repair facilities.The company also operates a national distribution centre and a remanufacturing centre. Both are established to provide industry best practise standards of remanufactured components and parts for our customer’s fleets.
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L 586 XPower
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R 956 Litronic
R 960 SME Litronic
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