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Twin-shaft mixer increases yield by 25 per cent

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The processing plant for clayey shell limestone at the Mönsheim quarry.

The limestone is fed into the primary crushing plant, which uses a roller screen to separate particle sizes from 0 to 120mm.

Pre-screened rock and clay mixtures with a particle size of 0 to 120mm before being fed into the mixer.

The BHS twin-shaft mixer is the key component in the mixing plant.

The twin-shaft mixer is filled with about eight tonnes of clay and rock mixture during the process.

Following removal of particle sizes 0 to 22mm, the mixed material is conveyed to the next processing step.

Once the shell limestone has been extracted and the remaining material has been deposited at a landfill, the quarry undergoes recultivation.

Wednesday, 18 July, 2018 10:42am
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