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Customers were treated to a detailed walk around the L566 Z XPower.
Customers were treated to a detailed walk around the L566 Z XPower.

'Game Changing' Wheel Loaders Put Through Their Paces

Extractive industry operators in Western Australia have enjoyed the chance to participate in evaluation sessions with the newly launched, latest generation Liebherr XPower wheel loader.

The XPower wheel loaders were showcased over a three-day period earlier this year in tough, no nonsense applications at a limestone quarry just outside Joondalup, WA. Various key customers were invited to test the new XPower, and evaluate the vehicles for themselves.

Heavily supported by new and existing Liebherr customers and the team from the Bischofshofen factory in Austria, the event was a great success. After registration, each session began with an introduction over coffee and a short XPower presentation.

After participants were treated to an extremely detailed walk around the L 566 Z XPower, which highlighted all of the machine’s innovative features and benefits, they were escorted to the quarry.

During the evaluation, two machines in the Z-bar configuration were available for testing. The L 566 Z weighs in at almost 24 tonnes and is fitted with a 4.2m3 excavation bucket. The L 580 Z weighs in at almost 29 tonnes and is fitted with a 5.7m3 rehandling bucket.

Extractive participants inspect the L 580 between test drives.
Extractive participants inspect the L 580 between test drives.

All the guests put the L 566 Z and L 580 Z loaders through their paces. Every element of the loader’s design and functionality – breakout force, transport, stockpiling, cycle time, comfort and visibility – were tested to the extreme, with outstanding results.

Attendances over the three days were strong, and with companies attending the pre-arranged sessions, the focus could be tailored to suit individual customer needs. With many companies inviting their own operators to carry out independent assessments, the opportunity was there to compare the XPower with other loaders.

Feedback over the three days was positive and invaluable. Everyone who operated the loaders was encouraged to complete an evaluation report with an honest, unbiased opinion. From the feedback, it was clear the overall performance of the new Liebherr XPower wheel loaders surpassed all expectations.

All in all, it was a very successful event, blessed with the best of WA’s weather, but only made possible by everyone who attended.

Having won both the prestigious European Red Dot and iF Product Design awards in 2016, the XPower generation is already recognised as a “game changer” in wheel loader technology.

Liebherr’s goal is to meet its valued customer requirements while trying to minimise potential impact on the environment and produce more aggregate for fewer inputs.

Designed and built for reduced fuel consumption and service costs, along with higher productivity, the XPower offers outstanding performance and economical value in a competitive earthmoving market.

It also has the capacity for bulk handling, fast cycle times and travelling long “pick and carry” distances. The modern ergonomic cab design provides the operator with added comfort and enhanced visibility, enabling maximum productivity in the safest of environments.

The larger loaders in the L 566 Z to L 586 Z XPower range are ideally suited to the quarry application, largely due to dramatically reduced running costs, high handling capacity and increased overall productivity.

However, the smaller L 550 to L 556 wheel loaders can also undertake a broad range of applications for much the same reasons, especially with the Liebherr industrial lift arm and integrated hydraulic quick hitch for fork and jib work.

Offering the highest level of performance, the Liebherr XPower driveline brings together the benefits of both hydrostatic and mechanical drives.

The interaction between the two different drives is continually adjusted automatically to suit any application. As a result, the XPower offers optimal levels of efficiency during loading and transport without noticeable gear shifting or interruption in tractive force.

The XPower driveline with Liebherr Power Efficiency can reduce fuel consumption by up to 40 per cent, ultimately increasing profitability.

Source: Liebherr Australia

Thursday, 16 August, 2018 07:06am
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